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VoxelArcade Wants You!

Dead or Alive!

(Preferably alive though. If we’re being perfectly honest). 

As VoxelArcade enters its sixth month, we feel that the stall has been set-out and the mission statement made clear: honest reviews and opinions free from the shackles of scores, publishers and politics. We hope you’ve enjoyed the journey thus far. We certainly have!

We’re also hoping that some of you fine folk might want to join our gang, so to speak, and are throwing the back-office doors of the arcade open to those wishing to contribute. We can’t offer much, if anything, in the way of financial reward as this is indeed a labour-of-love for current Arcade Staff. We can, however, promise eternal glory, immortality and a chance to feel more than a little self-important. What more could a gamer ask for?

If you think that you’ve got what it takes to wax-lyrical and be brutally honest in equal measure, contact us with your details and we’ll get back to you quicker than you can say Nintendo, which is fast.  We’ll be honest about what we read but don’t be put off: we have a whole range of sections from the bite-sized to the reactionary, visionary and even the more carefully considered. We even do the odd review.

In other words: there’s bound to be a place for you somewhere if you’ve got the passion and commitment required for a seat at Voxel Tower’s banquet table. We say banquet table – it’s really just the corner cubicle in the KFC next door. But don’t tell Simon, please? We’ve only just managed to convince the staff there that it’s normal for him to smash his cups on the floor and scream “MORE MEAD!”



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  1. If they can keep my mug topped up – they’ve got the job

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