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The Best WiiWare Games On iOS

Nintendo’s WiiWare service, the much maligned place for original download content on Wii, has been pretty much forgotten about in these heady days of Wii U, 3DS and the arrival of the next generation consoles.

There were some brilliant games released for the service, however, and if you are a fan of the games you could be forgiven for worrying about how you will continue to enjoy them when you move on from Wii, as Nintendo still haven’t implemented proper user accounts, and even if they did, they are unlikely to use them in retrospect on Wii.

Yes, there is a super awkward way of transporting your content on Wii to a Wii U, but this process is tricky, cumbersome and certainly no good to anyone who traded their Wii in for a Wii U. I used this process myself, and lost about 30% of my Virtual Console and WiiWare games, completely inexplicably, but fear not, as many of the best games on WiiWare live on in iOS.

Here is a list of the best WiiWare games that have successfully made the move to iPhone and iPad, and remember to click on the thumbnails to get the full-sized image, and to grab the games from the handy App Store links!

Bit.Trip Beat + Blitz

BIT.TRIP BEAT - Namco Networks America Inc. GamesBit Trip Beat iOS

Easily the toughest game on this list, this super hardcore rhythm game is not only ultra punishing, it is also extremely fun and allows you to go into that almost zenlike state while playing. Thumping beats play in the background, and you move your paddle along the left hand side of the screen to deflect various pixels, in time to the music. Think ‘sideways Arkanoid’, and you will get the idea. Some of the beats and challenges are really ridiculously hard, and will be a wakeup call to softened iOS users. Even level 1 is a massive challenge.

World of Goo

World of Goo HD - 2D BOYWorld of Goo ioS

This is the best game on WiiWare, and it is probably the best game on iOS. This sublime physics puzzler is a beautifully uplifting tale about little balls of goo that never gets old. It may start out like a few other titles, but it soon goes above and beyond almost anything else on the App Store, changing the very core of its gameplay for a few levels, just for fun and rewriting to concept of just what an indie game can be. Truly awesome, get it right now.

LostWinds 1+2

Lost Winds iOS LostWinds2: Winter of the Melodias - Frontier Developments Ltd

What started out as a side project for David Braben’s Frontier Developments turned into one of its most critically acclaimed games, spawning a sequel, which also got a port to iOS. This charming game about a boy and a wind spirit is well suited to iOS, with the touch screen perfect for sweeping the wind around the screen. The first game is only a couple of hours long, but the sequel is longer and deeper. A hidden gem on both WiiWare and iOS, this gorgeous platformer finds a welcome home on iPhone.

Swords and Soldiers

Swords and Soldiers - Chillingo LtdSwords and Soldiers iOS

If you are tired of the usual tower defence games, this sidescrolling take on the genre also lets you send your troops out to attack the enemy base. This is the one title that properly benefits from the touchscreen, as it provides a much more intuitive way of managing your troops, towers and upgrades than the Wii Remote ever could. The only thing lacking in the iOS version is a two player mode, but everything else is here, and it looks very decent on a Retina screen as well.

Zoombies: Animales de la Muerte

Zoombies: Animales de la Muerte! - High Voltage SoftwareZoombies iOS

OK, so this one is a strange choice, as it never actually got a release on WiiWare, but it was planned for the platform, as a two player cooperative shooter called Animales de la Muerte. The game was eventually cancelled, but eventually found life, reborn as Zoombies on iOS. The game is a decent take on Pro Zombie Soccer, with you taking charge of a kid out to slay as many zombies as possible. This is for all those WiiWare gamers who always wondered what happened to the game, as well as being a good little game in its own right.

There are also a few others worth mentioning, such as Defend Your Castle, Toki Tori, NyxQuest and Pop, as well as some not worth your time, like TV Show King.

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