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The Best Announced PS4 Games

1. The Witness

Now, this looks incredibly special. IGN had these three things to say about the game, “…The Witness also comes off as perhaps a little too cerebral and high-concept..”, and in a worried tone, “…There’s no combat, there’s no voice acting, and there’s no overt story, either…” and, now panicking, “..there is no tutorial…”.

Basically, if the knuckleheads at IGN are worried that the game may be too deep and difficult, and too abstract and odd, then you can rest assured this will be a great game.

A first person puzzle game with a beautifully abstract look and mind bending puzzles that stretch to form a lattice-work of puzzling across an entire, free to explore island, The Witness gives you nothing and asks you to figure it all out.

It looks fantastic at this point, and is well deserving of first place in our hallowed list.

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