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The Best Announced PS4 Games

3. Killzone: Shadow Fall

Killzone. Clunky Killzone. Clunky slow Killzone. Clunky slow dark Killzone. Clunky dark dim brown Killzone. You get the point. However, the latest in the series may be about to change all that, with a brand new feature that can only be described as ‘revolutionary’. Using a brand new technique, the developer has been able to harness the incredible power of the PS4. Yes folks, Killzone has colour. Or color, depending on your citizenship.

Joking aside, this does look really good, even if Titanfall does look like the best multiplayer FPS in years, Killzone still has a lot of promise.

With absolutely massive vistas and cityscapes, the game looks epic, and the gameplay looks far tighter, quicker and more balanced than before. It does still seem to be the same pop and shoot stuff as before, but with more attacking options and a more responsive engine. Killzone has never really done much wrong, but the developer always pushed the hardware just that little too much, which affected gameplay.

Lets hope they have learned their lesson, as this looks like a corker.

Now click the link through to find out which PS4 game came second in the list…2nd Best PS4 Game!

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