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Splinter Cell Blacklist : I Want Never Gets?

The Gods must have been listening!

In our recent Splinter Cell HD Trilogy Hindsight, we bemoaned the lack of the superlative Spies vs. Mercs multi-player component – a component that shone a brilliant light throughout much of the last console generation. Although the recipe made a reasonable entrance to this generation in Double Agent, it was conspicuously absent from Conviction – much to the game’s detriment.

Ubisoft, it seems, share the same longing for this unique, challenging and utterly engrossing experience, and have seen fit to re-integrate its awesomeness back into the very fabric of Splinter Cell.

In terms of good news, this is registering on the Voxelometer as an 11-out-of-10.


Indeed, so excited were we at VoxelArcade when we heard this life-changing news, that Simon actually shared some  of his mead with Rob (a whole thimble-full!) – and Ben even smiled a bit. Well, we think it was a smile. There’s a chance that he was just passing wind. Again. Me? I pushed the boat way-out and alphabetised my sock-drawer – as a special treat to myself.

Anyhoo: in a world where reviewers often struggle to say anything remotely inspiring about multi-player components beyond “it’s got deathmatch and capture-the-flag”, Spies vs. Mercs is an experience that no gamer should miss.

Bring it.

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