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Resogun Review

Cart: Resogun
Cab: PS4
Coin: Housemarque

We have a bit of a thing for Stardust here at the grubbiest arcade in town. Maybe it is because the games are always beautiful with a simple core that acts as a natural evolution of the old man of gaming, Asteroids. The truth is that we are probably just a bunch of grumpy old gamers terrified of anything labelled as ‘too new’. Aside from Luke, but we keep him in a different section of the arcade.

Regardless of why we love it, imagine our joy when the developer decides to update another venerable old geezer, Defender. Not only that, but Resogun debuts as a PlayStation 4 launch title, and ends up being the best of all the launch games for both Xbox One and PS4, although that was never going to be a tough ask when the average tin of Spam has more innovation and excitement than this lacklustre start to the next generation.

Incredibly addictive

Incredibly addictive

Resogun is free if you subscribe to PS Plus and should be your first port of call when you initially dip your toe into the sparse world of the PlayStation Store on PS4. A clone of Defender to its very core, you whizz around strangely circular 2D worlds, rescuing humans and engaging in immensely satisfying side scrolling battles with all manner of meticulously designed enemies.

I haven’t been this impressed by a special effects light show since Geometry Wars lit up the Xbox 360 a few years back. Resogun probably doesn’t do anything, gameplay wise, that couldn’t have been achieved on a SNES, but boy does it look pretty. The explosions, lasers and flare on show are eye-wateringly good, and will bleed into your retinas after a few hours play.

It will be more than a few hours if you become as addicted as I have to this smashing little shoot ’em up. It lacks modes and extra features, but it is brilliantly¬†almost completely free of any story and is a timely reminder for early upgraders and adopters just what this hobby is really all about. Get it.

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