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Nintendo : The 2DS

If there’s one manufacturer known for its ability to re-brand and re-package existing products, it’s Nintendo.

Their history in doing so is littered with huge success stories, with the dreary Wii Mini being the only runt of recent litters.

So when they announce an offshoot of the 3DS, you stop and take note. Behold: the 2DS

A 3DS game-compatible device, albeit without 3D functionality; the 2DS adopts a retro-styled slate form – which I really like. Not only is it refreshingly old school for Nintendo – a throwback to their GameBoy days – it enables the positioning of buttons that an adult could actually use. The removal of the nauseating 3D functionality not only reduces the price, but makes it a viable option for parents who were wary about purchasing their little ones a device that’s potentially harmful to the development of their eyes.¬†Such as myslef.

So let me get this straight: it’s cheaper, plays all the 3DS games, is more ergonomic and better for my kids eyes?


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  1. It is the closest to a GameBoy that we are going to get for quite a while, good move Ninty

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