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Xbox One : More Details

It has been a little over a day since Xbox One’s reveal and a lot more details have cropped up that was not revealed in the hour long announcement.

Here is what we have discovered since the event:

• The Xbox One will not function if the Kinect is not connected

• Those who purchase pre-owned games will have to pay an additional fee for the game to run

• Developers will be able to take advantage of the new cloud system, which allows them to modify or add new achievements to their games

• Game updates will also be on the fly, also thanks to the cloud system

• Xbox one learns your style of play and ability, which is then put to use when you need to leave the system as it will continue to play for you

• The system’s capabilities will enhance as ‘cloud’ technology improves

• Xbox One will not be backwards compatible for both Xbox live arcade and retail games

• Gamerscore will be carried over from your Xbox 360

Xbox One

The Xbox One in its full glory

Whilst the presentation did not deliver any meaningful gameplay footage, it did get rid of a lot of what I would like to call ‘baggage.’ When E3 arrives, I am sure Microsoft will focus on the gaming side of the entertainment box….well at least I hope so!

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  1. Are they just using the term cloud to sound cool? Hasn’t the Xbox brand always had a fair amount of server-side support? More clarification needed.

    • Luke Martin VA I think cloud is a bit different. Companies always make things sound better than what they are but I think being able to do game updates and stuff on the fly is quite cool.
      Having said that! Will it give developers more room for lazyness or allow them to bring out games sooner than it should have been….just to compete against other games. 
      Worker – “There is a bug on this level boss.”
      Boss – “Don’t worry about it too much, we can fix it on the fly anyway.”
      Maybe I am reading into it wrong, I dunno.

  2. I am pretty sure that at least 50% of the e3 show will be baggage filled

    • Simon Burns I really hope you are wrong there Simon. I personally don’t care about which console ‘wins’ E3, but if that happens…I will have a bad feeling about the future of gaming.

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