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Microsoft : A 360 Followed By A 180

Despite me kind of hoping that they would’ve stuck to their guns – just to be able to sit back and watch the delicious carnage that would have ensued – Microsoft have done a complete 180 on almost all of their controversial Xbox One features.

Gone is the draconian approach to DRM, the not-so hidden blade intended for the throat of the second-hand market and the need to sign-in once every 24hrs. Clearly bruised by the internet backlash that followed their E3 PR disaster, Microsoft have duly fallen in-line with both Sony and common sense in equal measure.

So we should be happy, right? We should all go out and buy an Xbox One, right?

I’m still far from convinced, to be honest. I would stake my children’s lives on Microsoft still possessing a strong desire for change, fuelled by its obsession to own the living room. Having won the PC war a long time ago, they have simply failed to enjoy the level of dominance to which they have become accustomed, in any other sphere. Whilst the Xbox brand has been a success, it’s merely a contender in a much wider picture. Surface and Windows Phone, on the other hand, are embarrassingly poor attempts at gaining a foothold in the lucrative tablet and smartphone markets – despite what Microsoft would like you to believe.

So whilst this is a clear win for the raw, democratic power of the Internet and a firm high-five to any and all of you that contributed to the cause, it’s in my mind merely a pause for thought for Microsoft whilst they regroup to plot ever more insipid ways to ‘innovate’.

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  1. I think the best response can only be…a…very….slow…clap.

  2. It shows that the only way to stop them is to hit them in the wallet. We need to remember that next time they try and bribe us.

  3. Indeed. Bridges burned …

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