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Hindsight : Cool Spot

Cart: Cool Spot
Cab: Mega Drive / SNES / Amiga
Coin: Virgin Games

I bet a lot of you remember this game.

The sole purpose of the game’s existence was to promote that fizzy drink we all know and love: 7UP. Cool Spot represents the red circle that is in the 7UP logo. I personally thought that was a really nice touch.

“But surely it must be an extremely poor game if it was only released for advertising reasons!”, I hear you saying.  Actually, it wasn’t. The game was designed by the man that brought us the legendary Earthworm Jim: David Perry. The game also has the similar kind of ‘feel’ that we got with EJ.

The gameplay consisted of Cool Spot working his way though each level, collecting the required amount of ‘spots’ that had been sporadically spread across the stage. Collecting said amount enabled you to you save an imprisoned cool spot that got captured by god knows who, for some unknown reason…not that I actually cared. This is the same basic layout for each of the eleven levels, but it remains fun, all the same.

The soundtrack to this game was another one of its redeeming features. It actually won Sega’s ‘Best Cartridge Music of the Year’ award in 1993 and Electronic Games Magazine’s ‘best sound’ award the same year.

So if you have never had the opportunity to get your hands on this game and you’re on the lookout for a new retro game to play, give Cool Spot a try!

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  1. God lord. I’d forgotten about that!

  2. 2nd article = arcade staff badge!

    • Luke Martin VA Thank you very much. I love my profile description. *thumbs up*

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