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Gunman Clive Review

Cart: Gunman Clive
Cab: 3DS
Coin: Bertil Hörberg

This game may just have the most self disparaging trailer I have ever seen for a game. Accusing itself of being a generic platformer, with artsy graphics that contain ‘lots of brown’, the trailer (which I have included below), hints at the humour that is the backbone of the game.

The real star here, is the gameplay. This feels like a mix between Megaman, Shinobi and Rolling Thunder, with you taking control of the titular Gunman Clive, out to rescue a damsel in distress by fighting other cowboys, ducks and pelicans.

Sections of the game are really challenging

Sections of the game are really challenging

A side scrolling platform game with the emphasis on platforming skill and action, there are no puzzles to be found here, just Megaman-style disappearing blocks, levels set on the backs of speeding trains, mine cart levels and even a space shooter stage.

You can find extra weapons, such as a three-way shooter, homing bullets and explosive rounds, which are especially helpful when taking out the boss characters, which are all inventive, difficult and extremely fun to play against. The game gets the feel just right, with the perfect amount of momentum and height when you jump, and the levels are well designed and built nicely around the fundamentals of the game design.

The graphics are beautifully made, and look like sketches come to life on old parchment, and it is also one of the few 3DS games that didn’t make me feel sick when the 3D slider was switched on.

There some great bosses, including this transforming train

There some great bosses, including this transforming train

The only problem here is that the game is very short. I doubt it will take anyone longer than an hour to finish the game while playing as Clive, but you do get an extra two campaigns. One, which is selectable from the beginning, sees you take control of the damsel in distress, with Clive the one kidnapped. The only difference here is that she can float like Princess Peach, which does change the dynamics slightly. The other, unlocked after completing the game, stars one of the game’s ducks with considerably different gameplay results.

Both of these extras, when put together, do expand the length by an hour or so, which doesn’t seem like much, but Gunman Clive is super cheap at just £1.79/$1.99, and it is the kind of game that you will come back to, simply because it is so much fun to play.

Now, that trailer:

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