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Guilty Pleasures : Star Wars The Clone Wars

Cart: Star Wars The Clone Wars
Cab: PS2 / Xbox / Gamecube
Coin: Pandemic Studios

We all like a highly polished, critically acclaimed game and, perhaps more importantly, are more than happy to be seen playing one – but there’s skeletons in all of our virtual closets. Here we aim to air them without fear of recrimination. Next up- Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

The Pain:

While this did get a couple of decent reviews, many sites and magazines hated the limited height of the flying sections, the atrocious on-foot parts, and moaned about the many graphical flaws and technical errors. The lightweight story, poor visuals and rigid mission structure were all also called into question. This has become the Star Wars game that no-one ever mentions.

The Pleasure:

Who gives a shit about all that when the game is this much fun? The flying sections, while not as good as Rogue Leader, were still extremely enjoyable especially as the developer managed to make you feel like you were a small part of many different massive battles. When I start chasing down enemies that have nothing to do with the mission and helping out ground troops when their fate doesn’t effect the outcome of the stage, I know the developer has got me to care about what is happening. The speedy tank missions were brilliant, with the strafing gameplay improved by the hilly terrain. The on foot areas were unquestionably and comically poor, but the rest of the game was excellent, and is one of the few games in recent years that I have played from start to finish several times.

Check out the video below, and forgive the poor quality and ignore the walking section at the start!

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  1. Haha loving the walking animations!!

    • @Luke Martin VA Its weird, but with all the recent advances that make really poor animation like this a thing of the past, I think I’ll actually miss things like this.

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