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The Greatest Game Of 2013

As is customary at this time of year, we thought that it would only be good form to impart upon you our thoughts on the greatest game of the 2013. Just don’t expect it to be anything obvious. Or entirely logical.

In a year that’s seen arguably the most balanced, rich and diverse gaming landscape to have ever been witnessed; we’ve seen everything from retro classics re-imagined to life-sucking mobile apps, hardcore gaming galore, sublime originals and sumptuous sequels in all genres imaginable. All in all: it’s been a pretty impressive affair. But which light shone just that bit brighter than others? Which experience captured the hearts and minds of gamers just that little bit more than others?

Well, after a particularly lengthy feast at VoxelTower’s banquet table – one that descended into copious beer swilling and arm wrestling (between Simon and himself) – we can proudly announce VoxelArcade’s ‘Greatest Game Of 2013‘:


No – I mean, like, literally: waiting. As in ‘the waiting game’. Indeed.


Tick tock. Tick tock …

Think about it for a minute: what has generated more hype, articles, anticipation, expectation and excitement this year than the ‘real’ launch of the eighth generation of consoles? ‘Real’ as in the Wii U doesn’t really count . It’s more like generation 7.5. Which is incidentally the number of Wii U consoles sold in Doncaster this year.

Whilst for many of us this bold new generation hasn’t yet resulted in any tangible gaming experiences, the sideshow circus that accompanied the build-up and launch was nothing short of thrilling to watch. From Microsoft shooting themselves in the foot on countless occasions to Sony rising from the ashes of the seventh generation to produce a machine so squarely aimed at core gamers’ hearts, it’s like being a giddy twelve-year-old all over again. Did I mention Microsoft shooting themselves in the foot? 

Whether you’re on-board yet with the eighth generation of consoles or not, we feel that there’s no denying that waiting for it was the most engaging game of the year, bar none.

So there you go, Voxelites: our game of the year was, well, waiting!

And on that bombshell: we hope that you’ve had a truly awesome 2013  – we certainly have – and that you have an even better 2014!

All the very best from the staff at VoxelArcade!


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  1. What?? Waiting was so overrated. Disappointment was THE game this year, although outrage at the price of Angry Birds on PS4 came a close second

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