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Great Game Intros : Crysis 2

Cart: Crysis 2
Cab: Xbox 60 / PS3 / PC
Coin: Crytek

Many games aspire to be likened to Hollywood-level production values. Most fall short; some come close. But a select few somehow manage to venture far beyond even this ambitious remit. Not content with simply hitting the nail squarely on the head, they offer you the opportunity to dig it back out and hammer it back home again. Hard.

Crysis 2 isn’t just a stunning example of my personal favourite genre, its intro was pure genius. A technical marvel on every level, it mixed suitably abstract sounds and imagery with footage of completely insane action sequences that you would later find yourself re-enacting in-game. It not only wowed you the very first time, then, it held even deeper significance with each viewing thereafter.

Not since a kid playing simplistic movie tie-ins (and loving every minute of it) had I experienced that classic “oh WOW, it’s THAT bit” moment.

Cool. Very cool.

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  1. Brilliant game

  2. Aye – better every time you play it too

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