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Great Game Intros : Alien Breed Tower Assault

Cart: Alien Breed Tower Assault
Cab: Amiga CD32, PC CD
Coin: Team 17

Alien Breed Tower Assault was the third game in the Alien Breed series, and was the most free form Breed game, with you and a buddy attempting to get to the top of a tower, with many routes available, some more difficult than others.

The CD32 version, and eventually the PC-CD Rom version, also had a spectacular introduction sequence added, the like of which had never been seen in any console game in 1994.

Showing tremendous ambition, Team 17 mixed real actors with pre-rendered flight sequences to produce something rather special. Yes, the script and acting are so bad you may never recover from the cringing you will suffer from while watching it, but this really was something to show off your machine with at the time.

Check out the intro below, and hope that Team 17 get round to porting what is the very best game in the series, to modern machines soon.

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  1. Love these early attempts at live action. B movie tactic!

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