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Great Game Intros : Space Ace

Cart: Space Ace
Cab: Sega Mega CD
Coin: Advanced Microcomputer Systems

Form over function: that’s Space Ace nailed in a sentence.

Essentially nothing more than an animated short, chopped-up into 3-5 second segments, your job was to piece it back together using the d-pad and fire button. Simples. Well, not really. Rarely was the transition from segment to segment an intuitive one and the experience resulted in trial-and-error and muscle-memory the likes of which had never been seen before. Sustaining it for the duration of the ‘game’ was a challenge in itself but it was ultimately a short-lived romance.

Space Ace did serve a purpose, however.

Nothing like this level of graphical fidelity had been seen on a home computer before. Back in the day, this was truly jaw-dropping stuff – particularly for friends and family that did’t appreciate the superficiality of the game itself.¬†Want to show off your Atari ST, Amiga or shiny new Sega Mega CD? Just slap on Space Ace and let the intro do the talking.

I miss having a game like that.

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  1. Yes, always loved a stunning game to show off my unpopular new machine, for my CD32 it was the otherwise-awful Microcosm, and for my A500+ it was the three second ship fly-by from Stardust.

    • Simon Burns¬†The original International Karate was a bit of a looker. Always wondered why the sequel (although more fun) looked older!!

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