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Great Game Intros : Injustice Gods Among Us

Cart: Injustice Gods Among Us
Cab: PS3 / Xbox 360 / Wii U
Coin: NetherRealm Studios

OK, I’m taking a few liberties with this one: it’s not an intro.

[ gasps of disapproval from Voxelites ]

Yes, yes, calm down, dear. But what is the point of an intro, exactly? To set the scene? To whet your appetite? To register an emotional response? Indeed. The thing is: to each yin is a yang; to each Great Game Intro is a Great End Credits.

So let’s throw caution to the wind, shall we, and indulge ourselves with the Injustice: Gods Among Us end-credits scene and its stunning production values, AAA Hollywood feel and glorious, Depeche Mode soundtrack.

Just don’t tellĀ Simon that I’m taking such serious liberties with the categories, eh?

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  1. This breaks the TOS, specifically Chapter 8, subsection 4, paragraph 2: …will not allow ‘free thinking’, new ideas or unwanted opinions….

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