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Great Game Intros : Cannon Fodder

Cart: Cannon Fodder
Cab: CD32
Coin: Sensible Software

Cannon Fodder was one of the outstanding games of its time, beloved by gamers everywhere. Released for most of the 16 bit systems, it also found its way to the CD32, looking much the same as it did on the Amiga A1200, and you could even plug a mouse in to get it to play perfectly.

However, if you happened to own that rarest and most mystical of add-ons, the FMV cartridge, which allowed you to play FMV movies on the console, you got a nice surprise upon booting the game up with the FMV unit in place; a brand new introduction sequence featuring the development team.

Showcasing the absolutely bonkers Sensible team, and still featuring that brilliant original theme tune, this is a rare treat, enjoy.

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  1. I believe Jon Hare was actually the singer

  2. Hi Simon! Seems your video link is ‘broken’. Here’s a link to the full FMV video from the CD32 versio on YouTube:

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