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Great Game Intros : Borderlands 2

Cart: Borderlands 2
Cab: PS3 / Xbox 360 / PC / Mac
Coin: Gearbox Software

Brace yourself: music made for games is 99% crap.

Look, I know, some of you love it – I get it. But when you walk into your local CEX store to find the Great Unwashed behind the counter enthusing about the frankly dire soundtrack to Zelda that they’ve just put on the in-store sound system for the eighth time – you know that something’s amiss.

Seriously: why do we endure this nonsense? Granted, most of the time it just sits there in the background, quite innocuously, but it’s when you hear a brilliantly-placed, licensed track that you realise what banal tripe you’ve been listening to. It’s exactly what elevates the credits on Injustice: Gods Among Us from mediocrity to greatness – and it does the exact same thing for Borderlands 2.

Mixing a glorious, Tarantino-esque fascination with slapstick violence and stunning cell-shaded visuals; The Heavy’s effortlessly cool track “Short Change Hero” hits the sweet-spot.

Brings a smile to my face every time, it does.

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  1. Love it

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