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Forgotten Classic : SWIV

Cart: SWIV
Cab: Amiga, Atari ST
Coin: Random Access

Well, it only seems fitting to cover this as we did a feature on its little brother, Silkworm not too long ago. So, what did this spiritual sequel bring to the shoot ’em up table? Well, it basically switched to a top down, vertically scrolling perspective, which was an interesting and largely successful move.

The only problem was that the jeep wasn’t quite as vulnerable as it was in Silkworm, but everything else was turned up a notch. The graphics were chunkier and more arcade-like, which is strange, considering this is a home computer game for Amiga and Atari ST, unlike its arcade spawned cousin.

SWIV itself inspired sequels and ports, such as Super SWIV and Mega SWIV. Bet you can’t guess which consoles those two were on? SWIV was a stonker, and got rave reviews, fully deserved on its original release.

The cooperative play was legendary, as was its difficulty. Check out the video below to get taken back to the super chunky early 1990’s.

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