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Angry Birds Star Wars PS4 Review

Cart: Angry Birds Star Wars
Cab: PS4, Xbox One
Coin: Rovio

That price. I am sure everyone reading this will be asking whether Angry Birds Star Wars can possibly justify its $50 asking price, especially when the mobile version can be found for a couple of dollars on just about every major smartphone platform.

The obvious answer is that, of course it can’t. It couldn’t even justify its asking price if it included every level from every Angry Birds game ever released, plus hundreds of new levels and dozens of new modes. It includes none of the above, by the way.

A mere 200 levels are included, with just 20 created for this release, plus a new control system, sharpened graphics, trophies and a few local multiplayer modes. Not a whole lot for what is priced as a full, major release.

Yet, there is some good here. The game actually works pretty well with a joypad’s analogue stick, and the PS4’s touchpad provides an interesting, if not entirely successful, way to play. The theming is unquestionably magnificent, and even if you subscribe to the theory that Star Wars has been thoroughly watered down as a franchise in recent years, you can’t help but smile at some of the references here. It is obvious that the designers are big Star Wars fans.

Thankfully, the game uses the interesting gravity mechanic of Angry Birds Space, so the levels are generally decent, yet it has to be said that they do still suffer from the random aspect that the other games all have. Getting a perfect shot to steer around planetoids is satisfying, even if you are sure you did it right the last ten attempts but was unfairly penalised by the game’s odd destruction and falling mechanics.

Some of the levels and references are enjoyable, but oh, that price!

Some of the levels and references are enjoyable, but oh, that price!

It has the same innate addictiveness it has always had, although the ‘drop in and play for five minutes’ pull of the smartphone versions is utterly obsolete on a big, bruising console that requires you to put the disc in to play, meaning that you will be barely at the start screen when the feeling to play will be fading already.

The new multiplayer modes are fun, and a decent addition. If this was a ten dollar download, then the cooperative and competitive options, alongside the sharp graphics, trophies and 20 new levels, would just about justify the price. For an eye watering $50, I would at least expect the mobile sequel to be included but it is nowhere to be seen. I really, really hope that we are not going to see it released as a standalone game for another fifty dollars on PS4.

If you have any kind of phone, be it Android, iOS or Windows Phone, then pick this, its prequels and sequel up on that instead. You can probably grab every Angry Birds game ever released for less than ten dollars on mobile, which just makes the price all the more upsetting.

If you have no other way to play this, you are a massive Star Wars and Angry Birds fan, have $50 burning a big hole in your pocket and want some mildy diverting physics based puzzling, then this will give you a few hours of pleasure, but please think seriously about handing over your cash for something you can get for a pittance elsewhere.

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  1. Compared to the Orange Box in terms of value, this is a fucking insult of the first order.

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