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Let's Talk Video Games

The Arcade Staff

Simon Burns – Editor


Simon built the arcade with his bare hands and some half-eaten swizzel sticks. It’s true. Wikipedia says so. Part cult-leader and part moral-compass, Simon threw open the doors to the Arcade one fateful day and proclaimed his bold vision to the world. “Let’s talk video games”, he sang. And so we did. When he’s not building the west-wing of the Arcade, Simon can usually be found knee-deep in circuit boards and grease in the boiler room. Fixing things. And stuff.

Luke Martin – Deputy Editor

Luke-Martin-100x100A man blessed with verbal-diarrhea and passion for technology in equal measure; Luke’s OCD is put to good use in the Arcade. When he’s not re-arranging and cleaning the machines, he’s usually chewing the ear off some newcomer about graphene. Or something. You know that overly-enthusiastic dude that’s always at the local pub or supermarket, every time that you go? Well, that’s not Luke. Because he’s always here.

Rob Mortimer – Senior Staff Writer


The beaming heart and soul of the Arcade, Rob’s a friend to all and all are his friend. Even the scary old lady who works in the Arcade’s greasy restaurant. Never angry in defeat nor arrogant in victory, Rob’s calm and committed presence is an inspiration to all. Just don’t say anything bad about Nintendo. Or Wa-Rob may appear as if from nowhere. And then things get real ugly, real fast. In fact, we’re still finding bits of mess from the last tantrum. You have been warned.

Ben Webster – Senior Staff Writer

Ben-Webster-100x100Ben may seem like the quiet, lone-wolf, bell-tower type. Because he is. A looming, dark presence on the door to the Arcade, Ben vets all newcomers with his steely eyes and Metal Gear tribute quizzes. Fail at your peril. If Ben speaks, we listen. The man knows things that we mortals could only dream of. Old snake eyes, they call him. In Doncaster. We think.

Brihanna Watson – Staff Writer

Brihanna Watson 100 x 100Arguably the most balanced member of the team, Brihanna is well-know within the industry for her ground-breaking work in the emerging field of augmented reality. Well, we say augmented reality, she’s actually just very fond of taping an iPhone over her right eye. Just in case any important tweets come in. Apparently. The only member of the team not completely addicted to technology; Brihanna is the ideal choice as the Arcade’s First-Aider, treating RSI-inflicted gamers using a specialist app that she developed. It’s installed on the iPhone taped over her left eye.

Joshua Girling – Staff Writer

Profile PictureJoshua’s the Arcade’s fresh-faced, wide-eyed youngster, keen to break top-scores and make his mark upon the local scene! When he’s not running errands for Simon, fetching mead back-and-forth from the wine-cellar to the office upstairs, he’s usually speaking at a-thousand-miles-an-hour to the customers about some new game he’s seen or, more importantly, about some really old game that he found under Luke’s alphabetised pile of old ST Format magazines. Well, that is until Simon twitches the Venetian blinds from the office upstairs and – woosh: he’s off like the hybrid offspring of Road-Runner and Sonic, sloshing mead everywhere!

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  1. The Editor sounds like a right arse

  2. It’s not his fault – it’s in the job description 😉

  3. MEAD!!!

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