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Great Game Intros : Liberation Captive II

Cart: Liberation: Captive II
Cab: Amiga CD32
Coin: Byte Engineers

Liberation: Captive II was one of the greatest games to ever hit the ill-fated Amiga CD32. There were a couple of other gems for the system, such as Acid’s trio of Guardian, Roadkill and Super Skidmarks, but the sheer depth and breadth of Liberation was astounding.

You played the role of a commander of four robots in a first person RPG game, set in an enormous city, populated by polygonal characters. You had to rescue someone on each of the 4000 levels, following a trail of clues across the Bladerunner-esque world, from big government buildings and highways, to the dark and seedy underpasses of the criminal world.

The intro was incredible, with an amazing orchestral score, and is proof that you don’t neeed 3D graphics to make a big, flashy statement. The CD audio of the CD32 version was stunning at the time.

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  1. Love that old art style. Reminds me of that game about giants ants attacking an American town in the 50s a la b-movie

    • LukeMartin VA The name of this games is “It came from the Desert, also made on and for the Amiga.

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