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Wii Sports Club Review

Cart: Wii Sports Club
Cab: Wii U
Coin: Nintendo

I can still remember, when playing Wii Sports Tennis back in 2006, remarking that this could be the most addictive sports game in the world, if only they had added online play. Well, years and another console generation later, Nintendo have finally done just that.

Yes, only Nintendo could take the one game that sold a hundred million Wii units and release a next-gen sequel as an incredibly low-key download title, but at least it is here. The purchase method is a bit of an experiment from the big N, as you download the game for free, and get 24 hours of playing both the included games, Tennis and bowling, to your heart’s content. You can then buy each game in full, or purchase day passes to unlock the games.

It is an interesting route for Nintendo to take, but I think that the day passes make much more sense for the other game they have been used in, Wii Karaoke U. It is far better to simply buy both games, especially if you were addicted to them both back in the Wii’s heyday.

Wii Sports Club Screen 1

The Miiverse integration is excellent

Visually, not a lot has changed. There are a few more visual effects, and everything has a nice HD sheen, but I doubt anyone will notice any differences between this and the original. It is slightly disappointing that the vibrancy and colour of Wii Sports Resort hasn’t been replicated here, with Nintendo sticking to the muted look of the original.

Ninty have added an achievement-style badge system, plenty of leaderboards for the various minigames included, and a whole world of Miiverse integration, which is tied into the whole ‘club’ aspect of the game. You join one of a range of clubs, which are divided by regions, and can then tap into Miiverse to post reults and achievements to.

However, it is pretty clear that the main reason for the club is to enjoy reduced lag when playing club members, as they are far more likely to be in your local area. Quite a clever deception by Nintendo, and perhaps another sign that they are starting to understand online play more and more.

However, lag really is a problem, with some games crawling along at an absolutely horrendous rate. I would say that 30% of games I played had enough lag to seriously affect gameplay. Now, this may be because so many people are right now taking advantage of the free 24 hours of play, so we shall see how it pans out over the next few weeks. When games do work, they work beautifully.

No Golf yet, but it is interesting to see The difference HD makes

No Golf yet, but it is interesting to see The difference HD makes

Tennis, with the new Motion Plus versatility, is pitch perfect and utterly engrossing, especially when you take someone online with you for a spot of doubles. The new miss hit function, where wild shots spin around, helps to make sure that everyone has a chance, and games can become thrilling. It is just a shame they are limited to one game per match.

Bowling is less impressive, and is virtually indistinguishable from the original. It is still decent, and is probably the best videogame version of bowling is existence, but I would have liked a bit more effort in the updating of this one.

Overall, if you loved Wii Sports but found it a bit limited, then this is an absolute must. If Wii Sports left you flat, then this isn’t going to change your mind, but for the rest of us, it is as good as it ever was, with the excellent addition on online play and a nice new sheen.

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