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Retro Racing Review

Cart: Retro Racing
Cab: PC, Mac
Coin: Mr Qwak

For a sad old 16 bit throwback like myself, Retro Racing is a dream come true. A top-down racer that has more in common with the likes of Overdrive and Roadkill than the likes of Micro Machines, Retro Racing does exactly what it sets out to do, but with a style that is seemingly effortless.

This game first appeared on iOS, and made a fairly decent splash, and now it hits the Mac and PC in what would be fair to describe as the ‘complete’ version of the game. This edition features slightly reworked levels, a split screen 2 player mode, online leaderboards and all the cars included in the initial purchase.

The splitscreen mode is super smooth

The splitscreen mode is super smooth

The best addition has to be the option of using a USB joypad, where the game really starts to feel like a ‘new’ Amiga game. The game still retains its fantastic visual look, with retro, dinky cars revving all over extremely well designed tracks that have a loads of risky shortcuts, obstacles and other cars to beat.

Like the original, the handling is absolutely spot on, with just the right amount of ‘swing’ to the cornering and the grass slowing down the cars in just the right way. There are six cars to choose from, each with wildly differing attributes, and you can upgrade on the fly by collecting upgrades that are strewn around the tracks, such as extra speed or better handling, as well as the occasional turbo boost.

You need to be clever with which pickups you grab, so if you are in a fast car that has poor cornering, you can either try to grab some handling upgrades to fill in your car’s deficiencies or just go for it and grab more speed. It is this decision-making, in addition to skillful driving and learning the tracks, that will get you up those online leaderboards.



Retro Racing lets you pick from a decent number of resolutions and gives you the option of playing fullscreen or in a window, and I would suggest that it will run well on even very low-end laptops perfectly. I tested it on an ancient Macbook and it ran as well as it did on a fairly decent PC.

There are demos available for both PC and Mac, and the full game is well priced. This is an indie game, but don’t buy it simply to support the developer, buy this because it is a fabulous racer with perfect handling, excellent track design and a cool retro look.

You can grab the game here: Retro Racing PC/Mac

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  1. Love top down racers! What was that one with pickup trucks and bumpy courses from back in the day? Truck had turbo boosts too. Track designs were brilliant.

    • @Luke Martin VA Either Super Off Road or Super Skidmarks?

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