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Remember Me Review

Cart: Remember Me
Cab: PS3 / Xbox 360

Remember Me is a futuristic third person brawler with traversal elements that will feel familiar to anyone that has played Uncharted, and stars a ‘memory hunter’ called Nilin, who is especially talented at plying her trade.

Set in the future city of Neo Paris, Nilin must fight and climb her way around the city, altering people’s memories to her own advantage, and attempting to piece her own memories back together in the process.

It is an intriguing premise, especially in the excellent memory retrieval sections, puzzles that require you to rewind and fast forward time to change events in someone’s memory, in order to get them to either change allegiance or to forget something important. These sections, along with the outstanding theming that reminded me a little of Mirror’s Edge in style, if not content, are the best things about the game.

You can't talk to anyone, or  interact with the interesting city

You can’t talk to anyone, or interact with the interesting city

Genuine new ideas are few and far between, and the whole memory programming thing is clever, and well implemented. Unfortunately, the success here only highlights the game’s other shortcomings.

It is one of those games that use the Unreal Engine, that really looks like it uses the Unreal Engine. Dodgy shadows, woeful faces on the characters with hilarious lip-syncing, and an overall look that is painfully identikit in its detailing and use of colour. I just had the feeling, while playing the game, that it would have been infinitely better with its own custom engine, but I guess the budget just wasn’t there.

The graphics aren’t really the problem here, however, it really is the platforming and traversal systems, which just feel like a lightweight and amateurish version of the equivalents in Uncharted, and the combat. Ah, the combat.

Floaty, flakey and forgettable, the combat is so limp that all you have to do is watch your combo bar to keep in rhythm, and press ‘X’ when you see an exclamation mark. You can literally leave the analogue stick alone in most, non-boss combat sections. Yes, you can customise your combos to add health and damage kickbacks, but trust me, you won’t need them. As long as you can time your button presses, you can prevail, with your other hand free to mess around with your phone.

The combat isn’t helped by legions of enemies that all look identical. Hey, lets fight five identical looking cops, or duke it out with a dozen identical looking zombie ‘leaper’ guys. Again, and again.

Tap, tap, tap, tap, yawn

Tap, tap, tap, tap, yawn

The developer has built some well designed environments, such as neo markets, skyscrapers and more, all filled with people, shops and vehicles. Such a shame you can’t talk to anyone, outside of random mutterings as you go near someone, and the shops and other interesting areas, with their floating text inviting you to take a look, are all completely non-interactive, which I found very disappointing. It doesn’t help that the game has the dreaded ‘fences that are knee-high but I can’t step over them’, which creates what, for me, is the ultimate deal-breaker in a story based game like this, that you start to think that the game wants you to go in one direction instead of another.

When games like Assassin’s Creed have let you slip by crowds for years, it is incredibly annoying that my super-traversal-heroine can’t get by a small line of people next to a tiny fence.

I really wanted to like Remember Me, as it is always good to see a developer get the chance to get a new IP on the shelves, and there is a lot of potential here, but the weak traversal gameplay, limited environments and frankly awful combat are the things that you will remember here, not the few decent ideas.

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  1. Hey ho. Looked promising too.

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