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NES Remix Wii U Review

Cart: NES Remix
Cab: Wii U
Coin: Nintendo

Could it be that Nintendo have finally realised what they are sitting on? Yes, they may have re-released their back catalogue of games many times over, ever since the launch of the Virtual Console on the Wii Shop, but it always seemed as if they really didn’t know how to push the old games to a new audience.

Demos are never going to work for many NES games, some of which are barely a screen or three in length, and it is difficult to show how addictive something like Donkey Kong can be in a simple demo. Remember, Nintendo used to consider these games so throwaway in nature that they used to give them away in newer games like Animal Crossing and Metroid Prime, and giving each game a complete overhaul is clearly not something Nintendo are ready for yet.

So, the answer is NES Remix, a superb download release that not only pushes the little NES beauties to new and experienced gamers, but does it with such a simple yet addictive style that you wonder what took Nintendo so long. In fact, it is so effective at showcasing Nintendo’s back catalogue that I think it should be installed on every Wii U at retail, or pushed out to every Wii U with enough space for free, like Ninty are doing with Wii Sports Resort. They would certainly sell a lot of Virtual Console games. It is important to note that you are not getting the full games here, but content taken from them.

Honestly, it really is brilliant fun

Honestly, it really is brilliant fun

NES Remix features bite sized challenges from many a NES classic, such as The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario Bros. and Ice Climbers. Each challenge takes a couple of elements from the game in question, such as dropping fruit on enemies in Donkey Kong Jr, and asks you to finish within a set time, WarioWare style. You are going to be popping balloons in Balloon Fight, pulling wheelies in Excitebike, taking on Koopas in Mario Bros. and finding treasure in Zelda, as well as the occasional complete stage to finish.

You win stars for finishing the challenges, which then unlock more challenges for each game and, most importantly, remixes. The remixes are where Nintendo’s creativity comes into play, as they really mess around with each game. You get to play a shadow version of Super Mario, with Link in Donkey Kong, a mad version of Balloon Fight that zooms in and out constantly, Excitebike in darkness with headlights on, and much more.

You also earn ‘Bits’ based on your performance in each stage, which unlock stamps for use in Miiverse, in a similar way to Super Mario 3D World. Miiverse is running through this game from top to bottom, and you get to see a Miiverse post besides every single challenge and remix in the game, alongside the poster’s score and time for the stage. There are already some hilarious posts on there, much like in 3D World, and I hope future games are going to be as integrated in Miiverse as recent games have been, as it really does foster a sense of community in each title.

It is hard to find fault with this, and if you are a fan of the NES but refuse to pay the high prices in the Wii U eShop, then this is a great way to enjoy the games in a legit way without resorting to emulators. Even if you own all of the included games, this still comes recommended as a great new way to play them.

Insanely addictive, get it now.

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