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Journey : Collector’s Edition Review

Cart: Journey Collector’s Edition
Cab: PS3
Coin: thatgamecompany

Journey is an astonishing game, one that, like Flower and Flow, asks you to find out about the game mechanics and story for yourself, and in doing so, allows the story to be whatever you want it to be.

Taking its inspiration from Joseph Campbell’s monomyth, Journey was released to critical acclaim on PSN, and also performed extremely well commercially, so much so that Sony has taken the rare step of releasing the game on Blu-ray at retail. Whilst more expensive than the PSN version, you get an extraordinary amount of extra content in this edition.

For starters, you get two other full games, Flower and Flow, as well as three throwaway mini games and a wealth of extra features, such as developer commentary and some brilliant documentaries about the game.

A friend in need

A friend in need

Journey starts in the desert, with a cloaked figure taking its first, tentative steps into the wilderness. The desert is empty, save for some old ruins dotting the landscape, and you soon discover that you can press a button to make your avatar send out a beacon, which activates certain stones and nearby cloth. You can also perform a fly/jump, if you have absorbed enough energy into your scarf, which can be lengthened by collecting rare white orbs.

The destination is a mountain with a shining light shooting from its peak, although it appears to be many miles away when you begin. You make your way from area to area, getting ever closer to the mountain, and you will discover sunken depths, dark cities and spiralling towers with dangerous guardians, before you eventually find yourself on the snowy slopes of the mountain.

I won’t ruin anything for you by telling you what happens when you reach the peak, but it is worth it.

The game is taken to another level by its unique online play, where you simply happen across another player on their own journey. There is no voice or text chat, and you won’tĀ even find out the name of the player until after the end credits, but this is what makes it so special. Rather like Dark Souls, you feel a real connection with the other player, and strive to help each other as much as possible. It is strangely inspiring to miss a ledge, have to climb slowly back up to where you were trying to get to, to find your friend standing there, patiently waiting for you.

This section will take your breath away

This section will take your breath away

The graphics are beautiful, especially the area where you are surfing down a corridor of golden sand toward the setting sun. The music is suitably extraordinary, with a range of moods perfectly suited to the individual situations. This is a stunning soundtrack.

This is a package that you should snap up immediately, as Journey is one of the very best games of this generation, Flower is still a great game, and Flow is well worth a look. The mini games are forgettable, but the docs and extra features make up for it, rounding off a superb disk of pure gaming goodness.

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  1. Anyone that claims that games aren’t art needs to play this. And then shut the hell up.


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