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Nintendo : Wii May Not Rock You

Nintendo has just announced the UK, March 22nd launch of the Wii Mini.

“I beg your pardon – the what?!”

Yes. The Wii Mini. Apparently the already diminutive Wii is too large for the Nintendo-massive and the boys-in-suits have seen fit to re-package and re-brand it for good measure. Or maybe it’s for old-time’s sake? I’m not sure. Either way, there’s apparently life left in the old dog yet.

Or is there?

After shifting a gazillion Wii’s (it’s true – Wikipedia says so) and utterly trouncing the XBox 360 and PS3, sales of the Wii have fallen faster than a low-orbit skydiver with the great-white-hope that is Wii-U seemingly failing to impress, well, anyone really.

So what’s Nintendo’s play here?

Arguably, anyone that wants a Wii has already got one. And if they did want a new Wii, wouldn’t they perhaps be after a Wii-U? Is it likely that they’ll be tempted into purchasing a gimped Wii that’s lacking WiFi (!), doesn’t support the Ethernet USB adapter and has been striped of 480p support? Hmm…

Still, at least it’s significantly smaller and sexier than its big brother. Oh no, wait; it’s not.

Wii Mini Vs Wii

If you had to put money on which was the more modern design, you’d lose

We wish you luck with this, Nintendo, we really do. But perhaps the money that has been invested in the R&D and promotion of this questionable launch might have been better directed into developing some more great titles for your rather lovely Wii-U?

Hell, perhaps it could have even subsidised a small price cut?

The Royal Wii would have certainly approved of that, I’m sure.

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  1. It is hard to see the point of this. Would there be room in the market for an absolutely tiny and gorgeous looking Wii Mini? Yes, but not so close to the Wii U launch, and not so feature-stripped, and certainly not looking like that

  2. ANother really important point: I really feel sorry for people who will buy this expecting to be able to go online for the Wii Shop or to play online, and then slowly realise that it aint ever gonna happen. I’m not usually up for Nintendo ¬†bashing, but here they really deserve it.


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