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Steam : The Most Expensive Way To Save Money

I love Steam. I love the fact that the games I buy on Steam are mine for life, yet never have to clog up my shelves and draws. I love the huge selection of games available, both AAA and indie hits. I love that I can purchase a game straight from my computer, and be playing it within an hour, quicker than if I were to venture out into the real world.

But the thing I love most about Steam is it’s sales.

For those of you that are unaware, the Steam Summer Sale is now on. What this means is amazing deals on amazing games, the kind of deals you can’t find anywhere else, because you wouldn’t think anyone would or could sell games that cheap. How does the complete first season of The Walking Dead for £5 sound? Or the new Tomb Raider for £7.50? And these deals change everyday, so there’s always something new to grab. If you can’t decide, why not grab a developer’s entire back catalogue in a bundle? They have higher price tags, but contain many more games, ensuring you still get the bang for your buck.

Those cheap prices hide a terrible secret

However there is a dark side to this sale. Individually, everything is so cheap, so you just keep buying and buying. But before you know it you’ve spent over £60 on games, some of which you’ll forget you have, some of which you didn’t want and so you realise you haven’t saved a penny. Yet the temptation to spend more remains – because Bioshock Infinite is 50% off, and the new Hitman is so cheap, how can you pass up on this opportunity?

So take this article as a warning: once you enter the Steam Sale it’s hard to leave, and any savings you make on one game you’ll likely spend on five more.

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Hailing from 'The Grim North'; Joshua is about to graduate and enter the real world - and so has decided to throw himself into talking about the one thing he knows best: video games! As money is tight, he's ploughing through the plethora of retro games present in his student house. Just as soon as they pay the electricity bill.

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  1. It’s a bit like PS Plus- just too many games to ever go through.

  2. So true. I haven’t finished any of the games I’ve bought. And I have 40+. This is going to be a long Christmas

  3. Here’s hoping the Steambox makes its way to my lounge sooner rather than later!

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