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Sonic The Hedgehog : Megadrive Classic Returns In 3D

The worlds favourite hedgehog makes a return in the worlds latest craze: 3D!

It will be a revamped version of the classic Megadrive/Genesis hit that was released 22 years ago next month. This time around, Sonic has the skill that was initially brought to the franchise in its sequel: the spin dash. You will also be able to choose between Japanese and Western versions, which contain minor differences.

sonic 1st boss

A boss so famous that even my Nan remembers it

The game will be released for the Nintendo 3DS on the 15th of May. You will be able to purchase it via Nintendo’s eShop for $6 (£4). Sega have previously given the same makeover to two of their other 16-bit hits: Space Harrier and Super Hang On.

If they give the same treatment to Sonic 2, I will be a very happy bunny!

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  1. Oh dear god – another Sonic my kids will want! They’re mad for it!!!

    • Luke Martin VA At least it is better than the dross they have been bringing out for god knows how many years. The last Sonic game I thoroughly enjoyed was Sonic Rush on the DS. I heard Sonic Colours was good as well, but not tried that out.

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