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Return of the Arcade

Yes, we are back. After a nice break over Christmas and the New Year, we are back roaming the dark recesses of the VoxelArcade. We spent the holidays feasting and making merry, and after taking back the games we got for Christmas that we already owned, decided that the time was right to venture back in.

Well, most of us are back, as Luke is currently stuck in customs after squeezing one too many exotic animals into his suitcase after his trip to eastern Europe.

So, what can you expect from VoxelArcade this year? Well, there could be a new site design around the corner, as well as the usual mix of reviews for both next and last gens, opinion articles that let us vent our considerable spleens and there might even be a surprise or two on the horizon.

Remember, if you want a site that fawns over the biggest releases, that gives scores out, or that reads like a collection of press releases, then VoxleArcade is not for you. Honest, genuine reviews and articles unchained by relationships with games companies, that is what we are all about.

Last year we went from having zero to 100,000 visitors through the virtual doors to the Arcade, reading our articles over 600,000 times. Thank you for trusting in us, let’s hope this year is even bigger.



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Editor and founder of VoxelArcade and The Smartphone App Review. Favourite games: Uridium 2, Frontier: Elite II, Sensible World of Soccer, Far Cry 3, Zelda: Ocarina, Metroid Prime, Solar Quest, F-Zero GX, Monkey Island 2 and Tetris.

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  1. indie arcade initiatives could be a good topic – Torontron and Winnitron seems a bit abandoned, and perhaps bringing the discussion in this direction could be interesting

    • That sounds like a good idea, we will look into getting some related articles going – do you know of any posters that would be interested in contributing here?

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