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Wii U : From Bad To Worse?

Things certainly seem to be getting worse for Nintendo’s plucky Wii U.

The console has only been out for just over six months and yet its hardware sales are only just on-par with its six-year-old predecessor’s. After throwing together a few statistics taken from, the information that I collated turned out to be rather interesting to say the least:

Global Hardware sales by Platform (Week ending 4th May 2013)

Platform Weekly (change) Total
3DS 167,832 (+8%) 30,977,294
PS3 139,889 (-2%) 77,072,790
X360 94,379 (-7%) 77,158,085
PSP 55,849 (-1%) 79,015,049
PSV 49,484 (+27%) 5,091,782
WiiU 32,411 (+4%) 3,023,722
Wii 31,477 (-6%) 99,520,011
DS 16,671 (-2%) 153,384,384

Now lets compare these figures with sales of the original Wii console at around the same time-frame after launch:

Global Hardware sales by Platform (Week ending 5th May 2007)

Platform Weekly (change) Total
DS 580,311 (+1%) 42,442,608
Wii 290,624 (-3%) 7,056,910
PSP 227,438 (+39%) 22,642,320
X360 92,750 (-1%) 9,773,010
PS3 80,719 (+3%) 3,316,799
Where has all the magic gone?

Has the magic gone?

The results are somewhat alarming as the Wii sold nearly 9 times more consoles than the Wii U has in the same time-frame. The total sales figures for the consoles are also interesting.

The kings of mainstream games, EA, have even just announced in an article with Kotaku that they are currently not developing any more games for the failing console. Even though 90% of their games are rehashed sequels, EA do develop high-selling games. This therefore deals a huge blow to the Wii U, which is seemingly on its last legs within its first year.

Unless Nintendo announce a monster exclusive or bring out a game-changing peripheral for the Wii U at next month’s E3 expo, it could be curtains for the console.


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  1. For me, the biggest mistake they made was not changing the name. When I mention this to ‘casual’ gamers who have a Wii, they assume it’s just some peripheral for it. 
    Worst marketing decision in the history of gaming?

    • Luke Martin VA Yeah, I heard the same thing. How can such a huge company make an obvious mistake? It was almost as if they thought ‘eurgh, I can’t be bothered to think of a new name so lets just go with Wii U.’

  2. I think the reason it is struggling is two fold 1: and 2:
    I also think that the console launched a year too early, a fact that is becoming clearer and clearer

    • Sam Hewitt Luke Martin VA I just did a quick look at the first 5 months sales of all recent consoles- the Wii U IS massively behind the Wii, BUT sold more than either the PS3, Xbox 360, N64 and GameCube in their first 5 months. Maybe we are all guilty of overreacting here, the Wii U is actually doing OK- not as well as Nintendo wanted, but without and AAA games yet, it is doing better than any recent console (aside from the Wii).
      With Mario Kart, Smash Bros, etc etc probably coming Xmas

      • Simon Burns Sam Hewitt Luke Martin VA Yeah this is true. I should have looked at the sales of the ps3 and 360 as well. But back then everyone was talking about the two mentioned. I don’t hear anyone talking about Wii U. 
        OKAY it might have something to do with moving away from London but I still ain’t seen anyone talking about it on facebook or whatnot. But I would like it is succeed….for Reggie.

        • Sam Hewitt Simon Burns Luke Martin VA No, you are right, there is zero hype around the Wii U at the moment- even from Nintendo fans!

        • Simon Burns Sam Hewitt Luke Martin VA Hopefully E3 freshens some things up. I got my Xbox 360 out and dusted off my games, just to find that my Xbox was broken. The only two consoles that I know of that are in my possession are ps2 and master system! 
          Hopefully E3 will push me into investing either a 3DS or a Wii U……..or both. Most likely a 3DS though.

        • Sam Hewitt Simon Burns Luke Martin VA Get a 3DS, there are some superb games on it at the moment. I would wait till Xmas or later to get a Wii U.

      • Simon Burns Sam Hewitt Luke Martin VA Fair shout about those figures. The Wii is a bit of an anomaly and comparing anything to it will give a distorted picture. BUT .. EA never pulled out from the 360 or PS3 based on similar figures …

    • Simon Burns I without a doubt think there will be some good games announced for it this month. Reggie said this years E3 was ‘all about the games.’ New Mario Galaxyesque type game, Mario Kart, Smash Bros and maybe the announcement of the new Zelda game.
      There is also another interesting article that I have seen. It is about an EA sports engineer ripping into the Wii U.

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