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Epix : More Media On PlayStation 3

A new media app from the cable channel Epix was added to the PlayStation 3 this week, bringing with it a vast library of movie titles including new releases like The Avengers and Skyfall. Along with their 3,000 HD movies, the Epix app also brings music and sporting events.

The app is free to download but will require an authentication code from your cable or satellite provider to access the content, though Epix is offering a free trial for a two-week period. PlayStation Network users will have some content accessible while those with a paid PlayStation Plus membership will be offered exclusive content each week, including a new movie that can be streamed for free. The PlayStation Vita will get their own app to be launched sometime in the future.

Since Epix is a joint venture involving many prominent movie studios, I think this is a nice addition for the PlayStation as far as adding more quality and variety to the console. Even though it is mostly subscription based as far as accessibility, it at least adds another option for media play aside from Netflix, Hulu and Crackle. I myself have all of these apps and am willing to pay for more. I have always wanted my PlayStation to be more of a media center and not just a game console. The lacking internet browser and its restrictive video compatibility make it hard to do much within terms of online streaming so awaiting approved apps seems to be the only alternative. What I would like to see now is other companies offering similar options and hopefully they transfer over to the new upcoming PlayStation 4.

Epix is already available on the Xbox, as well as Roku players and iOS-based devices.

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  1. Shame this isn’t out in the UK

    • Simon Burns Yeah it annoys me when things like this get left out of Europe 🙁 I know there’s licensing issues blah blah blah but we live in a global community with this amazing thing called the Internet. Localisation is so very last-gen.

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