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E3 2013 : Is Kingdom Hearts 3 Finally Going To Be Announced?

UPDATE: Maybe they were listening to us all along, as Square Enix have confirmed that the game is in development for PS4. Check out the trailer below!

The trailer is short on hard info about the game, and we have no idea when it will be released, but it certainly does look promising.

I absolutely loved the first two Kingdom Heart games. They allowed the player to enter a unique world built by Squaresoft (Square Enix) and Disney Interactive studios – but it has been seven years since Kingdom Hearts 2 was released. Every E3 event since then, I have stayed up, way past my bed time, just waiting for a sequel to be finally announced.

I will be doing the exact same this year as well.

The main reason for its delay is due to the series-developer, Tetsuya Nomura, putting a majority of his and Team Kingdom Hearts’ time into the eagerly-awaited Final Fantasy Versus XIII. That said, it would be nice to see some kind of confirmation that it is going to hit our television (or handheld?) screens at some point this decade. Rumours have it that development has not even started on the game. If this is the case, it’s possible that we will not be able to play KH3 until 2016 or later.

Personally, I have only really cared about the two main games of the series. I don’t like it when a company decides to milk a franchise for all it is worth. Once it is finally announced, I will then read the storylines to the other games online, or something, just to fill myself in.

Till then, I will go back to playing the first two games every so often. Kingdom Hearts 2’s soundtrack is still my favourite game OST to-date and it still has one of the best battles of all time. If you’re a fan of the series, you know what I am talking about. If not, check out the video below:

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I do suppose there is one  upside to the game being put on hold for so long: I would be very surprised if one of the worlds in the game wasn’t based on Wreck-it Ralph – they would go together like spaghetti and meatballs.

Whilst we’re at it: what other worlds would you like to see? Comment below!

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  1. Late to the party, but i wouldn’t mind seeing some monsters inc or the princess and the frog. Cant believe it’s been 7 years,shame on square! Really hope we get Some Confirmation on a kingdom hearts 3. Hell just a Teaser video would sell millions of ps4, it would incredibly stupid for sony not to capitalize on kh3

    • @jazzthekid Yeah, would love to see the roster updated a bit

  2. Since they will be able to use Disney licenses, I just have 3 words: Marvel and Star Wars.

    • @MonkeySack Having a ‘Marvel Land’ would be incredible

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