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I used to be in a band.

Not some naff covers band, mind: an honest-to-god ‘we want to got pro’ originals band. Except that we didn’t. Such is life.

The band went through a number of line-up changes over the decade that we were active but none were more uncomfortable that the ‘replacement’ of the original drummer. Without boring you with the fine details: he needed to go. Other elements of the group and the direction we were aiming for had changed so much that he simply wasn’t the best fit. Looking back, I feel horribly guilty and shallow that we let our ambition, ego and arrogance drive the decision, but at the time it was a done deal.

Not wishing to simply drop him off the end of a cliff, I felt it my duty to at least break it to him gently and do whatever I could to find him a new group, which I did. A couple of months later and he was playing with another band. Not an ideal situation, but at least I’d tried.

This may turn out to be the most important Powerpoint slide of this generation of consoles

It’s not you ; it’s me

But karma, as they say, is a motherfu**er.

Right now, I feel like the drummer – and Microsoft is the old me. It no longer wants me to embrace the joy that I once did. No longer does it want me along for the ride for which I signed up for. Just like I (as the unspoken band ‘leader’) had other plans for the collective ‘vision’, so too has Microsoft for me.

The rules have been changed and the contact has been re-written: I’ve ceased to be a gamer and have become nothing more than a number to crunch.┬áMy reaction? Basically the same as my old drummer when I first let him in on the subverted master-plan:

“I thought we were mates, but I guess right now that you can go and f**k yourself – either way, I’ll keep playing my drums”

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  1. The difference is, Microsoft won’t feel guilty

  2. Nicely put.

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