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Wake Me Up When It Begins

Four months in and I’m still waiting. That’s a third of a year. A lifetime in gaming terms. So what gives?

Millions of PS4 and XBox One units have flown off the shelves (significantly more of the former than the latter) and the libraries of each machine are approaching reasonably healthy levels –  yet I’m still to register any real emotional response to the next-gen. Don’t get me wrong: I know that when I do eventually get on board, I’ll be glad that I did – much as I was when I finally upgraded from DVDs to Blu-rays – but with the entry fee set at a bare minimum of £350 and barely a title to be found that’s not available on current-gen machines, the reasons for doing so are spread pretty thin indeed.

There just doesn’t seem to be one ground-breaking, industry-defining reason to upgrade. All we’re getting is more pixels and more polish. The underlying experiences are identical to what’s on offer on the PS3 and XBox 360. Even the recent Kojima Productions video – that was supposed to show how all ‘new and improved’ things were – simply served to highlight more how great they still look on the creaking, old stalwarts.

Granted: the next time I try and play my games at half-speed – or develop the super-fast, perceptual awareness of a fly – the next-gen versions might be favourable, but until then, I’ll stick with the £350 less expensive version, thank you very much. To be honest, the whole affair make me slightly worried about the future of the medium. What exactly is the way forwards?

Virtual reality.

Seriously: if the next-gen (when can I start calling it ‘this’ gen?) is going to get a ‘wow’ moment, it’s virtual reality. With virtual reality, you could take any game from the last-gen, slap on a headset and be bowled over by the sense of immersion and wonder. With Occulus Rift teasing the PC community bit-by-bit, who’s left to court the console gamers, I wonder.

My congregation: all hail your salvation.

My congregation: all hail your salvation. Sony’s new VR headset. 

Oh yeah. Sony done good on that one too. That’s two for two, then.

Just wake me up when it gets here.

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  1. Metal Gear? take a look at what Konami is (and i don’t know how far Kojima is involved in this situation) –

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