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The Best Announced PS4 Games

2. Infamous: Second Son

The Infamous series has always been what I would describe as ‘quietly brilliant’. The reason for this is the utterly forgettable main character in the first two titles, lost in an other wise fantastic pair of games.

There is a brand new character, who also seems to enjoy his powers, like the rest of us would, and the trailer below shows him doing some very interesting things with scaling buildings. We can trust that, unlike the last games that let us scale building with a single bound, the poor Prototype games, this next installment in the Infamous series is in safe hands.

The graphics are far more impressive than those in the first two games, which should be expected given the next-gen platform, but lets hope the frame rate can keep up. When you consider the fact that the diving part at the end of the trailer is a move you can do in real time, in-game, then it is hard not to be excited by this one, and hopefully the series will get a wider audience by launching with PS4.

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