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The Best Announced PS4 Games

4. Drive Club

Drive Club, from the creators of the Motorstorm series, looks more and more promising the more we see of it. With a handling model somewhere between full on sim and an arcade style, the game is all about forming a club and driving as a team.

It is the game’s social aspects that look the most promising. As anyone who has played driving games for years and years knows, the boredom of the championship/time trial/multiplayer trifecta that has dominated racing games for so long is the reason so many players give up on simply grinding for cars.

Drive Club lets you compete with friends and strangers on mini leaderboards that you yourself create, on every aspect of the race and lets you play and compete against other players in just about every way imaginable.

The game looks great, although I have to say that many of the backgrounds do look a little bland, although that could be the Daytona USA gamer in me screaming to get out. The cars themselves look fantastic, with a high polygon count; I don’t know exactly how many polygons have gone into each car, but it has to be more than ten. Eleven polygons, maybe even twelve.

Now, check out the game that came third in our list…3rd Best PS4 Game!

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