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The Best Announced PS4 Games

The PlayStation 4 was properly unveiled at e3 2013, with plenty of games announced alongside the new console. Here is a list of the best 5 exclusive PS4 games we are most salivating about, here at VoxelArcade.

5. Hohokum

Hohokum, while not the biggest or most revolutionary PS4 game announced, certainly looks like being one of the most intriguing.

If you put Nobi Nobi Boy, Tron, Locoroco and Katamari Damacy into a melting pot and added a sprinkle of Grand Theft Auto, then you still wouldn’t be any closer to accurately describing Hohokum. A PSN game, Hohokum is all about exploration and experimentation.

You can go where you please, as far as we can tell, although there are bound to be some limits to this, and the experience is geared to be all about the journey, rather than the destination.

The game puts you on the back of what can only be described as an endless eyeball, tadpole, sperm, and simply asks you to fly around and explore the wacky and unpredictable environments. The ability to draw using your, ahem, tail, seems to be the key to the puzzles, but this does look like a superb experience and a great start for PS4, offering something a little different.

Now check out number 4 on our list… 4th Best PS4 game!

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