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Resident Evil Is Going Back To Its Roots : But Why Not Do Both?

So, Capcom are looking increasingly likely to reboot Resident Evil, bringing back the ‘horror’ part of survival horror. Now, for old-time fans like me, this is a very good thing. I played the original Biohazard on PlayStation as a Japanese import, with the lack of English simply making things even more mysterious and scary.

A return to the fear, tension and character of the original games would be great, and something to truly get excited about. Indeed, most of the gaming press seem to agree with me, but there is something that a lot of the press seem to forget, and that is the fact that there are a lot of fans of both Resident Evil 5 and 6. Fans that have never played any of the series before Resident Evil 5, and that would simply not be interested in proper horror games.

These fans want action horror, as that is undoubtably what the past two big console Resi’s have been. Is it fair to deny these people the series they love, simply because the vocal minority want the game to return to its roots?

Resident Evil Screenshot

No, of course it isn’t, so what do Capcom do? They seem to be of the opinion that they have to go one way or the other, with no room for anything else. It’s either all ‘western style’ action or old-fashioned survival horror, but there is another way.

Capcom could continue the main Resident Evil series along its current path, while also releasing games that are more traditional, by simply creating a new label. Why not call it Biohazard. Old fans will know exactly what this means, they can keep the same cast, and even have a story that intertwines with Resident Evil.

This approach would please everyone, from those of us that yearn for Capcom to make true survival horror games, and those that need cut scenes interspersed with QTE’s, mounted gun sections and a ‘Gears of Evil’ feeling.

Capcom, give us Resident Evil, give us Biohazard.

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  1. Sounds like a plan to me

  2. Whilst I agree with the general premise of the article, it seems silly that it is necessary to split the games at all. It isn’t impossible to have both action and tension/horror; making two games is the ‘easy’ way out creatively (and also massively expensive way out, if the games fail).
    The unfortunate truth (at least in my eyes, which I guess stretches the definition of truth a bit) is that the ‘new’ Resident Evil fans want action – which, if this is the case, the market is saturated with action games, DMC being one of them. Perhaps DMC is an interesting point actually, as you can already argue that Capcom have already gone down this route once.
    Capcom need to have a main character that can handle weapons, but doesn’t take steroids. They need to have an abandoned city, populated with zombies that are actually a threat.
    Simply, they need reconsider what the definition of survival is (and hopefully tone down the B -movie dialogue – I bet playing it in Japanese what a Godsend)

    • @CalaveraBlues What was strange about playing it in Japanese was, when eventually having a go on the UK version, that the dialogue was such a disappointment, and the crazy voice acting was kept in!
      It also meant we had to guess the door key puzzle 🙂

    • @CalaveraBlues Agreed. Whilst I am a fan of modern Resi, it has become rather me too. Reboot it is.

  3. was a godsend*

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