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List Of The Best CD32 Games Ever

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The Amiga CD32, short-lived and forgotten by many, had a lot of very good games released for it during its lifespan. Admittedly, there were a lot of basic ports over from the Amiga, with barely any enhancements, such as the otherwise classic Frontier: Elite 2. However, the system actually played host to a lot of hidden gems. It may have had the kind of looks only a mother could love, but the CD32 was a classic retro system.

Here are the 10 best games for CD32 that used the system’s capabilities:

1. GuardianGuardian Cd32

The very best game for the CD32, Guardian was a fantastic 3D shooter that was like playing Starfox with total freedom. You zoomed around an impressive 3D world, dogfighting in an update of Defender and flying inside a massive mothership at the end of each stage. It was smooth, fast and addictive, with some of the best music in any game at the time.

2. Liberation: Captive IILiberation CD32

We already discussed this game in our Great Intros section, and it really is outstanding. You control four androids in a cyberpunk world, out to free political prisoners. A first person action-RPG with some incredibly deep customisation options that let you actually program each android how you like, this is a superb game with another brilliant soundtrack.

3. Disposable Hero

Disposable Hero CD32Heard of this? No? Didn’t think so. This beautiful shoot ’em up was as hard as nails with a unique shop based power up system. Completely underrated at the time, this is one of the best horizontal shooters ever, with some great levels and it was at its best on CD32, with the joypad, AGA chipset and CD audio combining to improve the experience over the Amiga original.

4. RoadkillRoadkill CD32

This is one of the best, yet least well known, top down racers in existence. With perfect controls that let you really slide around corners, super aggressive enemy cars and weapons aplenty, this is a great game. Destroying a set amount of cars got you the jackpot and a rock crescendo, with a super jackpot available for the skilled. The CD32 version had CD audio and a stunning FMV intro that was gory and fun. You can keep your Rock ‘n’ Roll Racing, I got me some Roadkill.

5. Gunship 2000Gunship 2000 CD32

Surprisingly, this port of a full helicopter flight simulator played brilliantly on the CD32, with Microprose doing a stellar job of getting all those controls crammed onto a joypad, and the 3D visuals were smooth enough to be nicely playable. Extremely addictive, and with plenty of enhancements for CD32, as well as the weird double CD box it came in, Gunship 2000 is ace.

6. Alien Breed: Tower AssaultAlien Breed - Tower Assault CD32

Another game with a brilliant new intro for CD32, this also came with the entire Alien Breed II as a freebie on the CD, and the CD32 pad made the game play better than ever. You and a friend picked you way around an outpost, exploring and fighting aliens in the best entry in the Alien Breed series, and it is a difficult, if satisfying game.

7. BansheeBanshee

This superlative vertically scrolling shooter was one of the best looking 2D games on the CD32, with massive, gorgeous sprites that put most games on the SNES and Megadrive to shame. There is always so much going on, and it is the kind of game that you can go through from start to finish time and time again.

8. Beneath a Steel SkyBeneath a Steel Sky CD32

This is the best graphic adventure for CD32, despite strong competition from Universe and Simon the Sorcerer, and the CD32 version has full speech throughout. This adds a whole ton of character to an already intriguing adventure. The artwork is lovely, the puzzles never too obtuse, and the whole game is a credit to developer Revolution.

9. Super StardustSuper Stardust CD32

You may know this from the recent PS3, PSP and Vita games, but this was a massively updated version of the Amiga game for CD32. With a simply stunning new tunnel sequence, redrawn levels, enemies and improved ray tracing, this asteroids-with-steroids was still way too difficult yet compelling enough to keep you coming back for more.

10. JetstrikeJetstrike CD32

Drop the bomb, drop the bomb. The superb theme tune was just the icing on the cake for this side scrolling flight game, that was really difficult to get the hang of, yet very rewarding when you did get your head around the basics. The bombing runs and dogfighting were excellent, and you were very lucky if you got to see a UFO…

Special Mention: Gloom DeluxeGloom CD32

This Doom clone was the best FPS game on CD32, and ran a lot better than Alien Breed 3D, thanks to its use of the Akiko chip, an underused part of the CD32. The game was fast, fun, gory and wonderfully blocky. It may not have been able to give Doom a run for its money, but it was an impressive feat on the humble 14Mhz CD32.

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  1. Amiga schmiga: Atari ST FTW!
    Old rivalries never die, they only 16-bit away!
    Great titles though!

    • Luke Martin VA Oh please! Amiga had better sound, better graphics, better games. Only decent thing about the ST was the Midi port! 🙂

      • RobMortimerVA Luke Martin VA Haha it’s like being 15 again!!

  2. Only game I ever actually played on a CD32 was (i think) Sleepwalker, the Quavers sponsored game!

    • RobMortimerVA Grab one off eBay with copies of Guardian, Roadkill and Disposable Hero, just avert your eyes from the actual console!

    • RobMortimerVA I think the Quavers game was Pushover

      • Yes, Sleepwalker was the Comic Relief tie-in game, I believe.

  3. i’m curious to see new games for Amiga CD32 – who can help porting, for example MojonTwins’ games to Amiga, and then create an AmigaCD32-compatible CD of them? 😉


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