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I Did A Bad Thing

It was signed with Metro: Last Light, sealed with Grid 2 and delivered with The Last Of Us. That’s right, Voxelites: my last three AAA purchases were downloaded as opposed to being physically purchased.


I know. I feel dirtied by the shame of my actions – and would no doubt benefit from a vigorous scrub-down with bleach and ice-cold water. As a vocal opponent of the age of DLC, IAPs and DRM, the very thought of downloading such a bevy of gaming beauties is the complete antithesis of my raison d’etre.

In fact, to take a quote from my most recent article: “Digitisation of other markets happened gradually, with consumers making the mental switch when they were good and ready, not when they were press-ganged into doing so”.

Don't be giving me the old betrayed face ... although I do maybe deserve the arrow ...

Look, don’t be giving me ‘old betrayed face’. Although I do maybe deserve the arrow to the face …

A hypocrite, you might call me. Or a Judas. Or any manner of less generous terms. But the fact of the matter is that I’m loving it. Just the simple pleasure of not having to move from the couch to flick through my titles is a revelation. Sure, I’ve downloaded smaller and cheaper titles in the past, but have simply refused to give-in to the insane prices and twisted economy of newly-released full-phat titles available through online stores.

And therein lay the crux of this metamorphosis: price. You see, the three titles that I have downloaded recently (on the back of the generously-priced Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon) were all £39.99 each – a price that I don’t mind stumping-up for a quality title that I’ll happily be ‘forced’ to keep for years to come. When, however, I see the frankly ridiculous likes of EAs Fuse, with its mediocre reviews, retailing for £59.99, my patented VoxelArcade bullshit-o-meter ramps all the way up to red for danger. Just as it does with superb titles that retail at this insane mark-up months after release – Crysis 3, for example.

Or maybe the shotgun.? a shotgun to the face ...

Or maybe the shotgun.? Yeah, maybe I deserve a shotgun to the face …

To be clear: I don’t give a shit about RRP – a game isn’t worth more than £40, period. If you want me to get on-board with the digital age, make the games great and make the prices realistic. It’s something, to be fair, that Sony seem to be making a good stab at. That’s not to say that Microsoft and Nintendo aren’t, but the ridiculous state of affairs that is points as opposed to prices (or a mixture of the two) is yet another thing that sets the bullshit-o-meter twitching like fresh roadkill.

And so, Sony, my message to you is this: if you really want to stick it to Microsoft, both set and encourage others to set real-world prices to the digital versions of games, and I’m all in.

Now, about that scrub-down…

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