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It’s been a while. And I still haven’t made a decision.

You see, here’s the thing: whilst pondering over a possible PS4 and The Last Of Us Remastered (with half an eye on a possible Xbox One and The Master Chief Collection), I find myself coming back to the same old point: why would I spend £400 to play old games that I’ve already played to death?

OK, that’s a simplistic take on things. I mean, a new console would give me access to an ever-growing range of new titles in glorious slightly-shinier-than-before-o-vision – and I’m sure that I’d be pleased with my purchase – but as it stands, the only truly bright lights on the immediate horizon are those shining in the rear view mirror. Granted, there’s the mouth watering prospect of Destiny before the year’s end, but as with Titanfall, it will be available on older machines as well. One can only presume that a similar last-gen radio silence will fall in the run-up to Destiny, as was the case with Titanfall – with the general consensus in the aftermath being that the Xbox 360 version of Titanfall is perfectly playable and robust indeed.

The ongoing hunt for more pixels ...

The ongoing hunt for more pixels … #diminishingreturns

It’s a strange time to be a gamer. That’s for sure. Any new last-gen releases worth buying are arguably worth waiting for on a next-gen machine, and any new next-gen exclusives arguably aren’t – as yet – worth the entry fee. So what’s a gamer to do? Well, in my case, spend £4 instead of £400 and embrace the sadistic beauty of the Grounded difficulty for The Last Of Us.

Stick that in your remastered pipe and smoke it.

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