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How To Get Amiga Games On iPad & iPhone … Legally!

If you are one of the vast majority of iOS users terminally uninterested in going to the effort, time and risk of jailbreaking your device, then playing retro games can be something of an expensive and fruitless task.

So, anyone wanting to blast through old Amiga games on the bus, on a non-jailbroken iPhone or iPad, might think that there is little chance of being able to get their favourite Amiga game legally.

If that sounds like you, then you have come to the right place, as we have a comprehensive way of getting a lot of Amiga games on your iPhone. Some games have been directly ported over, either by the original developer or by an enterprising third-party, but the really interesting section is where you will find clones of Amiga classics up for sale on the App Store. Yes, there is a lot of rubbish out there, but there are some games that, name aside, you would be hard pressed not to believe that they were ported by the original team.

First off, here is a list of Amiga games that have been directly brought to the App Store. You can click the links to grab the games from iTunes.

So, those are the direct ports, but what of the many missing Amiga classics? Read on for the very best clones you can get of Amiga games.

Sensible SoccerSSC2013

Super Soccer Champs 2013 App Store Link

Now, while Sensible Soccer may be a distant dream for iOS gamers, there is one stellar clone that is nothing short of superb. The top down viewpoint may be there, but thankfully so is the gameplay, which has been lovingly crafted for a touch screen. With two buttons, one for the traditional short semi-auto pass and the other for long, curling shots and massive lobs, this just feels right.

The pass button, when held down, allows your player to slow down and stop with the ball, which really makes sense when you are combining touch screen controls and Sensible Soccer gameplay. Super Soccer Champs 2013 also includes a vast range of modes, such as online play, a full player manager mode with a transfer market, plenty of tournaments, a team editor and even a replay viewer.

In addition to online and local Bluetooth play, you can even play with 2 players on one iPad.

The best thing I can say about this is that it really does feel like you are playing Sensible Soccer on iOS, and for that it is an essential buy for any discerning Amiga fan.

Wings of FuryWINGS GLORY

Wings of Glory App Store Link

Remember this old classic? Yes, Wings of Fury has been cloned for iPhone in the form of Wings of Glory. The ancient side scrolling action game with mild simulation elements was beloved by many on Amiga, but any kind of direct port or sequel has not been forthcoming, so this clone is most welcome, indeed.

Although missing some features of the original, such as the torpedo missions(at least as far as I can tell), and with simpler graphics, this does have a far better camera system than the Amiga game and is slightly more forgiving on landings.

It plays really well, and is a lovely game to be able to dip in and out of. One major negative is that it has not been updated since 2010, so looks poor on iPad and iPhone 5.

Still, this is well worth a look.

Stunt Car RacerFUMES RACER

Fumes Stunt Racer App Store Link

Yes, there really is a decent clone of Stunt Car Racer, the Geoff Crammond classic, on iPhone and iPad. This is a sterling effort at getting a workable game on iOS, and is for the most part, successful. The game has the correct feel, and is pleasingly difficult, with 22 tracks to master in 3 difficulties, with all the tracks having the traditional crazy hills, jumps and insane turns that made the original so special.

The game is designed for both iPad and iPhone, although it hasn’t been updated for the iPhone 5 screen. The other major letdown is the sound, which is tinny and weak. The graphics are very good, and have updated the technology considerably without losing the classic look and feel of the original.

This is almost as addictive as Stunt Car Racer, and feels great on iOS. If you are looking for something a bit more advanced, then check out the excellent Jet Car Stunts series, which is a kind of spiritual sequel and updating of Stunt Car Racer. If you want the look and feel of the original, then you have found it in Fumes Stunt Racer.


Retro Racing App Store Link

This one isn’t a clone, more like a semi-sequel, as it was developed by the same guy that created the original Nitro, Mr Qwak himself, Jamie Woodhouse. Retro Racing is a purposefully retro looking game, with refined controls, and 60 fps scrolling that is buttery smooth.

Crucially, the game feels like Nitro, albeit a smoother, more distilled version of the game, at least gameplay wise. The tracks are, in my humble opinion, an improvement in terms of layout, even if the actual backgrounds are not as interesting.

With a 2 player mode, Game Center integration and a range of unlockable cars, some via a single small IAP, Retro Racing is top down racing at its purest, and is essential for anyone that fell in love with Nitro on Amiga, all those years ago.

Gorgeous game, and one of the best racing games on iPhone.


Tiny Troopers App Store Link

Tiny Troopers has the loosest connection to its original game, as it really is only inspired by Cannon Fodder as opposed to being a straight clone. However, if Cannon Fodder was remade in 3D for smartphones, it wouldn’t look a whole lot different from this, and would probably play in a very similar way.

Like in Cannon Fodder, you take a small unit of soldiers across various battlefields, taking out tanks and seeing your soldiers improve the longer they survive. This means that your troops become a little more important to you than they otherwise would.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of IAPs in this game, which does tinge the experience somewhat. Still, this and its sequel are both enjoyable games that harken back to Cannon Fodder in a way that precious few other games do.

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  1. another think i would like to propose, if there is any emulator like UAE for iOS: how many considered to port games from Mojon Twins’ to Amiga? they are really great, and ports to Megadrive, DOS and NES actually exists – La Churrera is a really good game engine, allowing these recent ZX-Spectrum games to be ported to a really wide range of hardware and operating systems, Android included – their games are really, really worth trying!

  2. Other games worth mentioned (allthough maybe not direct Amiga port): Giana Sisters, Ports Of Call, R-TYPE, R-TYPE II, Monkey Island 1, Monkey Island 2, Broken Sword 1, Broken Sword 2, Worms.

  3. Carrier Command is all I want on my iPad

  4. And lotus turbo = lotus turbo challenge.

  5. Oi Santa – give me marble madness with another 90k levels NOW!

  6. Jetstrike, Street Rod..

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