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Forgotten Classic : Virocop

Cart: Virocop
Cab: Amiga
Coin: Graftgold

The second Graftgold game we have featured here at VoxelArcade, the other being the excellent Uridium 2, Virocop is a game that even many Amiga owners have not heard of, as it was released to moderate acclaim, little fanfare and fewer sales, yet it was a stonking little run ‘n’ gun game that had oodles of style and plenty of action.

The game put you at the reins of a little robot called DAVE, who controlled in a slightly weird kind of way that took a little while to get the hang of. It actually featured a superb 2 player co-op mode, with one player controlling the movement of the robot, and the other using his guns like a turret, and it was entirely possible to play the game on your own this way, much like a modern twin stick shooter.

With this, Uridium 2 and the likes of The Chaos Engine, two player co-op was the order of the day for Amiga owners of the 1990’s, yet Virocop was arguably better than them all, even if the magazine scores of the time did not reflect this. The variety of levels, with enemies that actually offered differences between them, the correct feel to the action that made it play as if it was born in an arcade, and the levels that, although sprawling, still felt tight and purposeful.

That, allied to the typically gorgeous Graftgold look, made a great little game that has been sadly forgotten. Oh yes, and it had bullet casings, for no other reason than it looked cool.

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  1. Welcome to BE, VoxelArcade. I like this post — I’m always nostalgic for the old style games of bygone years. Thanks for the visit down memory lane.

    • Yes, the old games are sometimes the best 🙂

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