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Learn Your Way Around The Arcade

There’s a lot more to VoxelArcade than just reviews.

The Arcade is a vast, cluttered place with just about everything you could wish for – big or small, new or old – being covered in some form or another.  The thing is, it can be somewhat confusing for the uninitiated. So, let us take you by the hand and guide you around the beaten-up cabinets and stained carpets of VoxelArcade.


Before you’ve even made it through the front door, some loudmouth is likely to get up in your face and shoot-from-the-hip about some new game or some new level that they’ve just found. Just bear with their enthusiasm: more considered opinions are to be found deeper into the Arcade.



Perhaps the loudest part of the arcade? Opinions on the state of the games industry, reflections on the state of the universe and withering looks at review scores. Got a problem with games these days? We probably have an article on it.



This section is one of the brighter corners of the arcade, lit by one murky window. We don’t score our reviews, which gives our team of writers unprecedented freedom when critiquing a game. It may – brace yourself – mean that you actually read the text!



On rare occasions, strangers wander into the arcade in search of shelter from the harsh elements. We welcome these unusual beasts, taking time to find out more about the unfamiliar outside world as we listen to their tales of the weird and wonderful.



This is where all the cool-cats hang-out and try to out-do each other with tales of the grandiose. Feel free to join in; they might let you join their gang.



Everything is clearer with hindsight. That’s certainly true of this level of the arcade where we take a detailed look at ageing games with fresh eyes. What impact did they really have?



This section is one of the most dangerous parts of the arcade – it actually hasn’t even been built yet. Ideas for games that don’t exist; longings for sequels that never were; ideas for hardware that will never be built: you’d better watch your step.



This vain, neon-lit, garish part of the building is set aside for one of the most brief and yet decisive parts of a game: the intro-sequence. It can either make a game, or it can make a gamer search for the ‘skip’ button. Here are a few rare beasts worth a second look.

VoxelArcade/Great Game Intros


This is where we dump those games that you don’t want to be seen playing, but still enjoy just as much as any of those supposedly ‘cool’ and ‘trendy’ ones. Don’t worry about your blushes: this is a shadowy area, rarely visited.

VoxelArcade/Guilty Pleasures


Here you will find games that were praised to high-heaven upon their original release, yet our stubborn writers just don’t see how that praise was justified. You don’t have to agree with us; we rarely agree with each other.

VoxelArcade/Lost in Translation


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