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Crysis 3 Review Inbound

Crysis 3 hit the stores this weekend; Luke Martin is presently knee-deep in the foliage thinking about the best way forwards.

It’s no easy task, we’ll have you know. I mean, seriously: if you’re only after a number, you’ve come to the wrong place. No, you’re here because you want something a little more measured and considered, something that refuses to be Metacritic’d or Rotten Tomatoe’d, yes?

Fear not, dear Voxelites: it’s in the oven on gas-mark Prophet, baking away quite nicely indeed.

In the meantime, feel free to gorge yourself over at our Crysis 3 Central.

Crysis 3 Central

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  1. You make review scores and Metacritic sound totally pointless…because they are

  2. I think they’re what you might call ‘last-gen’

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