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Hindsight : Warcraft 3

Cart: Warcraft 3
Cab: PC
Coin: Blizzard

Blizzard Entertainment’s reputation before the release of Warcraft III was impressive. Critics and gamers alike loved their work with Starcraft, Blizzard’s previous game, becoming South Korea’s national sport. Everyone eagerly awaited their next release: a continuation of their much-loved Warcraft series. The pressure was on for Blizzard to deliver.

Warcraft III was Blizzard’s first foray into fully 3D graphics, and for its time it looked gorgeous: units were incredibly detailed, landscapes reacted and felt alive and vivid colours made enemies jump off the screen. The Warcraft series was known for its extra level of polish and WIII was no exception. Each unit had its own response when selected, which changed with persistent clicking (“Stop clicking me!”), the standard of voice acting was high and races were very well-balanced.

Things can get...hectic

Things can get…hectic

Warcraft III made a few big additions to the existing formula: two new races, the Night Elves and the Undead, joined the Orcs and Humans to bring the roster up to four and powerful new Hero units were also added for each race. Heroes gained levels, becoming stronger and acquiring new abilities, which could turn the tide of battle, adding an additional level of strategy to gameplay.

Along with a solid single player, Warcraft III delivered an excellent multiplayer experience including matchmaking and tournaments for hardcore gamers. Players were also given tools to make their own levels and game types, resulting in many popular sub-genres being created, most notably Tower Defence and DoTA.

Warcraft III is the game that started my love affair with the strategy genre. The gameplay is quick-paced and exciting, it has a brilliant sense of humour, and the multiplayer provides countless hours of diverse gameplay. With an equally brilliant sequel, and available cheaper than a Venice Special, its well worth a purchase.

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  1. Never did the Warcraft thing, but kind of wishing I had now!

  2. I didn’t even know about this, thought it was all MMO

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