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Hindsight : Suikoden 2

Cart: Suikoden 2
Cab: PlayStation
Coin: Konami

One of the first RPGs to grace the PlayStation 1 console, Suikoden 2 ranks among the best in the genre, with a unique and immersive storyline coupled with countless hours of stimulating gameplay. If you haven’t played a single Suikoden game yet and you wish to revisit the good old days of role-playing games, then step back, prepare your old controller, and put this game disc in as you traverse the war-ridden paths of a young hero. Here’s a few brief reasons as to why the game remains a favorite among RPG fans.

The second instalment of the Suikoden series focuses on the events surrounding a protagonist wedged into a political strife between two nations. The hero slowly builds a name for himself as he fulfils his destiny in ending the war and vanquishing the bloodthirsty Highland soldiers led by Prince Luca Blight. With the help of the iconic 108 SODs (Stars of Destiny), the young hero is set to find his path in a crafty tale of friendship and betrayal.

suikoden2 review

Controlling a party of six, you can equip the characters with runes of various kinds depending on their magic capabilities. As you progress in the game, you will soon find alterations in the battle style. There will be one-on-one battles along the way with awesome scenes where the hero sports a cool battle stance when you defeat your opponents. There are also military-like strategy battles, which will surely tickle the minds of tactical gamers. And to add to an already diverse gameplay is a whole list of side games inside your castle. Who wouldn’t forget the iconic chinchirorin dice mini game in your castle? Acing one felt like winning a game in Castle Jackpot. If only the game developers were farsighted enough to include some games like roulette or craps in Suikoden 2, then the game could’ve risen to a whole new level.

Even in terms of 2D graphics, this famed RPG has earned a certain notoriety in that department by creating more expressive characters than the 3D-employing games of the first PlayStation era. Although it wasn’t quite on a par with the graphics used by the Final Fantasy series, a masterful blend of eye candy 2D sprites combined with a mood-changing musical score makes Suikoden 2 an ingenious treat to the ears and to the eyes.

Overall, this is a great game that is well worth revisiting for old fans, and will entrance any new gamers yet to experience the game.

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